The Bugle: A Decade of Crafting Cycling Culture

For nearly ten years, our expertise and passion were at the heart of Brooks England’s iconic brand magazine, The Bugle. As chief editors, we played a pivotal role in shaping this publication into more than just a magazine – it became a cultural emblem in the cycling world.

Distributed annually with over 150,000 copies, The Bugle was a unique blend of a traditional newspaper and a vibrant brand magazine and historical record. Our responsibility encompassed curating and editing all contributions, ensuring each issue reflected the ethos and prestige of Brooks England. Moreover, we were instrumental in generating captivating photography that not only complemented the written content but also elevated the visual appeal of the magazine.

The Bugle, under our stewardship, evolved into a symbol of cycling culture in the 2010s. Its influence extended beyond mere readership; it became a revered piece in the community, celebrated for its insightful content and aesthetic excellence. To this day, The Bugle stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and our ability to create a marketing tool that resonates deeply with its audience.

You can still enjoy the Bugle today at this link