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In addition to the core team, Crank! is a network of agencies and freelancers in Germany, Europe and North America bringing success to our cycling industry clients.

Bregan Koenigseker


Entering the cycling business importing Chrome Bags to Europe in 2004 and joining Brooks England in 2009, Bregan started CRANK! in 2014 with the idea that more cycling brands could benefit from the support of communication professionals who also happen to be cyclists. Playing an active role in the cycling "boom", Bregan has also organised or consulted for many seminal cycling events including ECMC Berlin, World Cycle Race, Berliner Fahrradschau, Six Day Berlin, Transcontinental Race, Toros de Gravel, Eroica California, Red Hook Crit and KOM Berlin in addition to countless branding, marketing and PR projects. Bregan knows bikes.

Brad Hammonds

Senior Creative and PR

Originally from the heart of Appalachia, Brad first fell for cycling on Tennessee trails, but it wasn’t until moving overseas and trading the convenience of four wheels for the fun of two that he truly discovered the adventure potential bikes provide. Brad has lived and cycled in various countries around the world, working on both the editorial and commercial side of cycling communications. He also built some bikes, once upon a time, apprenticing as a framebuilder in South Korea for a few years. Brad’s been part of the Crank! team since 2019.

Christian Donaj

PR Manager - Content Specialist

A skateboarder at heart, Chris lives in Bochum, Germany and has worked in cycling for many years, starting as a trainee in a bike shop, to working for distributors and helping brands launch into the market as a consultant. Now on the PR and communications side of the industry. Drawn into cycling culture first as a mountain biker and later through the fixed-gear scene, Chris started the GoodTimesRoll blog in 2013. But it was the 2016 Dalsand Runt in Sweden where he found or the first time all that cycling meant for him and reminded him of the type of terrain he likes best. Nowadays, Chris can be found on his gravel bike searching for a good coffee and cake spot, or more often than not not, on his xco bike returning to singletrack adventures.

Kévin Laporte

PR Manager - Event Consultant

The mustachioed Frenchman of the team, coming from BMX, Kévin tried a road bike thanks to his best friend. Since then, he has never left, and enjoys discovering new roads from the Pyrenean passes close to his home to the Eroica Limburg in 2016, where he met Bregan! A fan of self-abuse, he started triathlon, racing the Ironman Barcelona in 2019 and the Ultra Cycling Bordeaux-Paris in 2022. On the professional side, he spent several years in cycling events at a MTB magazine publisher, then four years at a running purveyor to manage athlete and event sponsoring. Today he helps brands and event organisers in their quest for development and success!